The Baztan Valley

Home to one of the Pyrenees’ most beautiful countrysides, where the sun, rain and fog change the valley’s colors, always giving us a different landscape for each season of the year.


Baztan’s climate is oceanic, with pleasant summers and mild, humid winters. Quiet oak and beech tree forests, hillsides covered with fern and green pastures crossed with abundant streams invite us to enjoy the tranquility of nature.


We recommend visiting the Xorroxin waterfall, whose route we will provide you with, as well as the dolmen located in Iñarbegi.



A small village in a privileged surrounding, a few minutes from France at the Izpegi border crossing (altitude of 672 m).  Prehistoric dolmens can be found in this area. In the church, the modernist Neo-Gothic altarpiece stands out. The patron saint festivities take place at the end of June and the main traditional dances are the mutil dantza and sagar dantza, typical in the Baztan Valley. There is a 5,6 km circular route to the Xorroxin waterfall which begins in Erratzu, goes through the farms of neighboring Gorostapolo and crosses the Iñarbegi river.



Places to visit



Xorroxin Waterfall

0 km distance

Fascinating natural wonder, a waterfall semi-disguised by the forest where the Basque mythological creatures, lamiak, and mermaids are believed to have been seen combing their hair with golden combs. Singing waters, beech, oak, hazelnut and chestnut trees await you.

Zugarramurdi Caves

12 km distance

Magic, imagination and witchcraft have transformed this cave in a unique touristic destination 400 meters away from the town of Zugarramurdi, bordering France and the north of Navarra on the western side of the Pyrenees. To complete this experience, you can also visit the town’s witch museum.

Señorío de Bertiz Natural Park

14 km distance

A fabulous botanical garden, home to blackbirds, squirrels and seven different species of woodpeckers next to the Bidasoa river, with majestic well-preserved trees located in Oieregi.



Things to do



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